I’m a cultural geographer and doctoral student at the Department of Geography, McGill University. My research uses ethnographic methods in refugee camps to document refugees’ perceptions and memories of their place of origin, exploring how these crosscut ambitions of voluntary repatriation, conditions needed for sustainable and peaceful return, and their claims to abandoned housing, land, and properties (HLPs). This is done primarily through the combined use of ethnographic mapping (spatializations) and writing (narratives). As a form of active research, research outputs are intended to inform peacebuilders who broker new territorializations of land in post-conflict landscapes.

Complimentary to my PhD research, I’m working on a number of collaborative research projects. At McGill University, I am on the Middle East team at the Indian Ocean World Centre, assisting its research efforts through the collection of historical data on disaster resilience and adaptation over several hundred years. I also regularly collaborate with Prof. Dr. Luisa Feline Freier (Universidad del Pacifico, Lima, Peru) on a variety of projects related to Latin American migration policy, the Venezuelan exodus, and African transmigration to the region.

Prior to my arrival to Montréal, Canada, I worked for several years in Turkey (2012-2016) and Peru (2017-2019). Simultaneously working as a certified high school Geography teacher and Head of Department/Coordinator, I completed my MSc Risk, Crisis, and Disaster Management at the University of Leicester (Distinction Award). It is through this research degree that I developed a keen interest in the area of forced migration, leading me to undertake field work and publish on the topic. This work has been published in journals such as Current History, Migration Letters, and the Journal of Identity and Migration Studies, and through electronic outlets managed by the Migration Policy Institute and the London School of Economics and Political Science, amongst others.

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