As a cultural geographer and doctoral candidate (ABD) in the Department of Geography, McGill University, my current research explores futurity and the imagining of liveable geographies as constituted by encamped Congolese refugees in Rwanda. Amongst other institutions I am affiliated with, I connect this work to the research program of the Tshepo Institute for the Study of Contemporary Africa, Wilfrid Laurier University, where I hold an appointment as Junior Research Fellow.

Outside of my work within the region of Africa, I have conducted extensive fieldwork with Middle East forced migrants in Turkey and the Balkans (2014-2016), and with Venezuelans in Peru (2017-2019). Through an upcoming project, titled Mutual Aid in Exile, I draw links between these global sites of carceration. Specifically, I am examining how racialized, classed, and gendered refugees, through mutual aid practices, engage in prefigurative politics that directly respond to organized abandonment.

I have over ten years teaching experience, having enjoyed a pre-doctoral career as a licensed upper secondary teacher in the disciplines of geography and environmental studies. During this time, I became Head of the Humanities Department at MEF International School and Coordinator of the Environmental Systems and Societies program at Newton College. In recent years, I have taken up teaching appointments at the Universidad del Pacifico, McGill University, and University of Rwanda. I am currently teaching a range of courses at the Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Ottawa.

My research work has been published in journals such as The International Journal of Human Rights, Current History, and Migration Letters, and through electronic outlets managed by the Migration Policy Institute and the London School of Economics and Political Science, amongst others.

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