The Regional Response to the Venezuelan Exodus [article]

Synoptic extract

february2018“Although most countries in the region have recently adopted legislative frameworks that would allow for the recognition of Venezuelans as refugees, they have largely opted to respond to the influx with special visa schemes that provide varying degrees of protection. Still, by international standards countries across Latin America have been generous in their reception of Venezuelans. Despite the increasing numbers, most are upholding open-door policies.

Initially, foreign policy drove these generous responses. But the rise of xenophobic sentiment across the region has increasingly turned the Venezuelan exodus into a domestic policy issue—one that requires regional cooperation.” (pp. 56-57)


Freier, Luisa Feline and Parent, Nicolas. 2019. “The Regional Response to the Venezuelan Exodus,” Current History: A Journal of Contemporary World Affairs 118, no. 805: 56-61.


This article is published through Current History, in its February 2019 issue on Latin America. It is available for viewing and download here.