Seminar in qualitative research methods [course]


This seminar was delivered at the African African Centre of Excellence in Data Science (ACE-DS) of the University of Rwanda, from 24-28 January 2022.

Seminar description

Qualitative inquiry is regarded by social scientists as a central approach to disentangle the complexity and nuance of social settings, lived environments, and relationships. In this week-long, time-intensive seminar, participants will learn key knowledge and skills at all phases of qualitative inquiry, from research design and data collection to analysis and reporting. Focusing on secondary, interview, focus group, and observational data, research methods related to their collection will be positioned within popular qualitative research designs that draw from the interpretivist tradition. This seminar will also include a comprehensive survey of ethical considerations related to qualitative research, where participants will also explore key issues of voice and representation and their relation to major developments in postcolonial, feminist, and critical research. Morning sessions will be devoted to lectures on key knowledge and skills related to qualitative research, enhanced by engaging group discussions and breakout activities. Practical activities will take place in the afternoon, guided by an inquiry-based approach that will encourage participants to apply new knowledge and skills to research topics relevant to their interests. This will lead to the completion of a Capstone Project. The target audience for this seminar is advanced undergraduate students, graduate students (masters and doctoral), and early-career academics with introductory knowledge of qualitative methods. While all seminar-specific learning materials will be provided, participants must bring their own personal computer to effectively participate in the practical components of this seminar.