Observatory for Human Rights and Forced Migrants in Turkey


OHRFMT_facebook_iconFollowing the EU-Turkey statement, 18 March 2016 (European Parliament, 2016) and the subsequent return of irregular migrants to Turkey starting on 4 April 2016, a small team and I established the Observatory for Human Rights and Forced Migrants in Turkey (OHRFMT) in order to have a central area to gather information, track human rights and forced migration issues in Turkey and provide a visualisation of this information for outside individuals, organisations, institutions, researchers and civil society.

Data input

OHRFMT uses Crowdmap – a crisis mapping platform developed by Ushahidi – as its central data input, approval and verification platform. Users, may it be organisations or individuals, can simply “Submit a Report”. In doing so, they must specify the source of their information, the relevant location and choose which category the report is best-suited to. The OHRFMT administrative team, then, receives a notification that a report has been added. By means of two-step and triangulation verification, OHRFMT validates the authenticity and accuracy of the report. If approval requirements are met, the report is added to the map.

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