High School Sustainability Assessment Framework



Sierra Youth Coalition is the youth wing of the Sierra Club of Canada. It’s Sustainable Campuses Project has supported over 45 universities and colleges working for sustainability with conferences, mentors and the Campus Sustainability Assessment Framework (CSAF).

In the fall of 2005, three SYC members, Nik Parent, Emma Banks, and Aqueela Nanj learned about the project, and wanted to adapt the Sustainable Campuses project to make it available for use in high schools. The 2007 edition of the original High School Sustainability Assessment Framework High School Sustainability Assessment Framework (HSSAF) was written by Nicolas Parent with input from Aqueela Nanji, Emma Banks, participants in the Sustainable High Schools Symposium, members of the Sustainable High Schools Steering Committee and Sustainable Campuses Project staff Kerri Klein, Shari Hayne and Anjali Helferty.


The final version of the HSSAF was released as a part of the Sustainable High Schools Kit, assembled by Emily Menzies and designed by Pharis Romero. Through contacts gained at the 2006 Sustainable High Schools Symposium in British Columbia, alongside others in close contact to SYC’s national office in Ottawa, the HSSAF was implemented in over 20 schools across Ontario and B.C.