New media and migrant solidarity [slides + video]


Using cellphones, social media application and application-based communication tools, forced migrants have been able to organise, coordinate their movements and communicate with family and friends. Activism, notably migrant solidarity work, has benefited from these same tools. Arguably, it’s no secret that new media has defined many elements of contemporary activism and advocacy.  Data can now be fluidly organised and illustrated, multiple people can be digital contributors to projects and campaigns, and information on forced migration trends is easier to access than ever before.


In early October 2016, the Migrant Solidarity Network, based in Istanbul, asked me to prepare a presentation on how new media can strengthen migrant solidarity. In one hour, the presentation covered the history of social media, its role in activism and an overview of past and present projects that use new media to conduct advocacy.

Slides for the presentation can be viewed and downloaded here.

You can view the presentation below, or by following this link.